Avicii - The Days

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Avicii - The Days


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  • Salvador by Jamie T vs. 10Merry Go Round by PFR 3Well snap, one of my nominations is up first and I´m dropnipg a 10 on it because that´s how I roll. (We´re not doing the thing where we can´t vote for our own picks this time, right? I feel kind of bad about this spread but look, I´m pretty sure the only reason one can possibly like about 95% of 90s music is nostalgia. Of which I have none for this song. Also, Christian rock, I just can´t). The only reason I´d give Salvador less than a 10 is because Jamie T was like 23 when he made this incredible album, and that makes me just a little bit jealous. Anyway, I don´t really know how this song will go over here, but with this tourney I just nominated shit I really like and you can take it or leave it. But check out the music video, how cute is this?Rasta Courage by Soldiers of Jah Army vs. 7.8Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers 9A line from this Avett Brothers song totally opens my online dating profile. Feel free to guess which one (no cheating). It´s been good to me, what can I say? I also like the Avett Brothers because one of them looks like Lucas Haas. I normally am not at all into reggae, but Rasta Courage was pretty and I think will grow on me.New Direction by Black Lips vs. 6Levels by Avicii ft. Skrillex 5.5Skrillex kind of makes me want to vomit and punch things, but in a good way. I don´t pretend to understand it.Jump Blues by The Frontier Brothers vs. 9Dead by They Might Be Giants 4.5Whoa I like this Frontier Brothers song. I´ve never heard it before. Good movement, combines a whole bunch of interesting influences I´m not articulate enough to identify right now. Good pick.
  • 5-Salvador by Jamie T vs.3-Merry Go Round by PFROf all the Jamie T songs to select, this was the chioce? It seems that if someone was looking to champion this artists footnote in the lexicon of UK music, they would have gone with something from Kings and Queens or some of my favorite Jack Penate. By itself it gets a 4. When compared to its competitor, Jamie T gets a bump of +1. Merry Go Round was just overproduced, simple, cliche crapola.3-Rasta Courage by Soldiers of Jah Army vs.8-Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett BrothersI love reggae! I hate white boy reggae. The only exception is GPGDS, which has a driving rhythm section and occasional horns. The A-Bros. know how to write a damn good tune. The piano bridge is subtly emotive, just like this whole song. It has been known to cause goosebumps (ge4nsehaut for you Germans). 8-New Direction by Black Lips vs.2-Levels by Avicii ft. SkrillexI´ve never heard of the Black Lips, but that was a concise, catchy, clever punk tune. Well done. Avicii and Skrillex made over $30 million combined in 2011. This formulaic bullshit is indicative of how little our current music consumers want to be challenged or exposed to anything new. It´s tunes like this that make me feel bad for Millennials. 5-Jump Blues by The Frontier Brothers vs.3-Dead by They Might Be GiantsThe Frontier Brothers have a solid lead voice. It sounds like there might be some guitar talent in there as well. Perhaps this is just a band that needs to work on their own voice, as this song does not stand out. TMBG were popular in the 90 s and not this century for a reason.
  • Salvador: 7.0Merry Go Round: 3.5Salvador I was surprised to find that I rahter liked and even listened to it a few times al the way through although I find it disjointed and jarring at points. Merry Go Round is simply not my thing at all.Rasta Courage 5.5Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise 5.0RC sounds unfinished, or like a practice session maybe or like the dude was just really stoned. I dunno I guess I’d be interested in checking out other stuff by this artist but this song doesn’t blow me away. Through parts of the next song I was really engaged and enjoying the listen, through other parts I was bored out of my skull..so I award it the dreaded 5.New Direction 6Levels 4.0The word “black” should no longer be allowed for use in band naming. This song sounds like it should be on a Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack (it probably is). The next one sounds like it’d be a good song to do cocaine to but sober it sorta makes my head hurt.Jump Blues 5.5Dead: 8.5Seems as if Dead isn´t doing it for folks today and as its patron saint I feel the need to defend it by most it´s not even considered the best TMBG song on this album (Flood) but I find the imagery beautiful, the melody haunting and I have a thing for guys named John who reincarnate as plastic bags. I have no idea what Jump Blues is about and the guy singing sounds like a whiny douchebag but I guess other than that it sounds pleasant enough so if ya´ll like it so be it! http://ljaipndco.com [url=http://txpouti.com]txpouti[/url] [link=http://ibqexty.com]ibqexty[/link]
  • I´m going to hold off on the in-depth analysis of the songs until we dlndiwe them down further, no real point in going into to details on a song that won´t be around in a day.Salvador by Jamie T: 5.5Merry Go Round by PFR: 4Salvador is decent, I just don´t see staying power.Rasta Courage by Soldiers of Jah Army: 7Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers: 8Tough match-up. I really enjoyed both songs, I just have a soft spot for The Avett Brothers.New Direction by Black Lips: 5Levels by Avicii ft. Skrillex: 3I never have been able to get into the whole electronic genre, let alone dubstep. The reason probably being is that I got hoodwinked by an ex-girlfriend into to seeing The Chemical Brothers in concert. I used quotations because I paid $60 to see two guys put on a record and stand around. How is this different than the local DJ putting on the exact same record? I guess dance clubs really aren´t the best place to watch a show, thank God she knew the bartenders and for the copious amounts of free booze they provided me. I´m sure there is good electronic music, but it seems few and far between.Jump Blues by The Frontier Brothers: 5Dead by They Might Be Giants: 7Been a fan of the Giants for years, one of the first concerts I ever went to. Fond memories.
  • Salvador by Jamie T- 6.9Merry Go Round by PFR- 4.1 (While I actively dileskid the chorus, although I do appreciate the Merry-Go-Round metaphor. And I bumped it up.4 for the carnival bridge and the drum outro.) Rasta Courage by Soldiers of Jah Army- 6.8 (chill.)Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers- 10. (I was seriously thinking of nominating this song, but I figured it would be too slow for the tourney. I´m giving it a 10 although (1) it´s my second favorite song on the album and (2) I´m luke warm on the album as a whole- go figure. Even given that, the lyrics, unique structure with its interludes and breakdowns, and generally mood just make this a compelling piece of work. And it hit the spot tonight as I attempt to finalize this paper.)New Direction by Black Lips- 7.5 (This ditty has potential to go far in this tourney.)Levels by Avicii ft. Skrillex- 8.6 (Yes- I know I´m blowing all my indie cred on this, and I know the frats have played this album to the bone yard, but I like this one. The riffs are fun.)Jump Blues by The Frontier Brothers- 7.0 (Does anyone hear a little Baba O´Reilly in the intro? But the hey´s actually seem more fratty than skrillex´s burps.)Dead by They Might Be Giants- 5.0 http://fboojqdpb.com [url=http://qvtbbseuf.com]qvtbbseuf[/url] [link=http://ztijvbk.com]ztijvbk[/link]
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