Gianna Nannini - Lontano dagli occhi

RLV - la radio a colori Gianna Nannini nuovo singolo Levanto 5 terre La spezia Liguria Gianna Nannini - Lontano dagli occhi

Gianna Nannini - Lontano dagli occhi


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  • I hope B.o.B.´s Airplanes all fall out the sky. And land on the recording siduto where that song was made. What a bag of old cock. All You Need Is Now is terrific, and I must have heard it a hundred times by now (radio at work, blasting out Steve Wright and Jeremy Vine all day long and for anyone who isn´t a Brit, this equates to A Really Crap Time Had By All). I just wish they´d spent more than 50p on making the video.Quite like the James Blunt song, in a brainless kind of way. Just wish he´d stop singing like someone´s got him by the throat. Someone who *really* doesn´t like him.I´m currently playing and replaying and rereplaying Adele´s Set Fire To The Rain, which is the best thing on her album. And that´s really saying something. Heard it yet?
  • the square root of 69 is Asa´ AAAAAAARGH. The other week my frenid and I were out and about in the car. Every third song on the radio was Rihanna. Every time we stopped in a bar they were playing Rihanna. When we went to a club in the evening they played you guessed it Rihanna. And don´t get me started on bloody ogni tanto
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