Roma Bangkok - Baby k Feat. Giusy Ferreri

RLV - la radio a colori Baby K La spezia Liguria Levanto Roma Bangkok - Baby k Feat. Giusy Ferreri

Roma Bangkok - Baby k Feat. Giusy Ferreri

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  Dichiaro di aver letto e ricevuto le informazioni previste dall'art. 13 ex D. Lgs. 196/2003 e rilascio il consenso al trattamento dei miei dati personali per i fini previsti dall'informativa.

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  • Every party has sludge. McCain has beocme a psudo Democ-rat.Did you see him defending Carl Levin another day against Rand Paul who was standing for a better tax system against the tax everything policies of the coalition of scum,slime, filth, vermon and manure that would be the Democ-ratSenate Caucus? McCain should have done what that moron from Vermont did in 2001 and join the Democ-ratshe belongs there.
  • Peter, bra poe4ng.Men jag tycker nog det e4r sknillad pe5 att sitta och e4ta en bit mat med det hf6ga bakgrundsbullret eller att ge5 ut en partykve4ll. Jag tror du se4kert du he5ller med om att ljudnive5n pe5 dessa food courts kan vara riktigt hf6g. Men ff6rdelarna med all god mat f6verve4ger.
  • The comparison was sotmehing of a stretch. Obama is struggling to recharge the national economy amid an increasingly deadlocked capitol split along party lines, while Cuomo, for his part, isn’t struggling much.He passed a budget without raising taxes or destroying social service programs, and passed a landmark bill legalizing same-sex marriage, turning the state government in Albany from “dysfunctional” to hyperactive, in under seven months. (Cuomo attended the fundraiser as an invited guest, and did not pay, according to a source.) To compare a sitting President to a Governora0isn´ta0exactly intellectually honest, whether it be a positive or negative comparison. While there will always be a few similarities herea0and there (both are excutives dealing witha0divided legislatures), a complete comparison is nearly impossible considering the variables.a0 Barack Obama is the President of the United States and the Head of the Democratic Party, a nationala0party that in the words of Will Rogers is not an organized political party.a0a0In other words the National Democratic Party has the discipline of a two year-old, while thea0National Republican Partya0despite the uprisings amongst its base has been largely unified.a0a0Gov. Cuomo comes from a Northeastern state that had largely managed to avoid the Republican tidal wave of 2010,a0 a state that is partial to the Democratica0Party, and has a Republican Party that is almost irrelevant outside of the State Senate.a0 Cuomoa0has positioned himself asa0 socially liberal, and fiscally conservative, he has earned the praise of Republican Governor Chris Chrisite and the Tea Party.a0While Barack Obama has positioned himself as some sort of vague centrist. He´s trying to play Clinton on domestic policy and a slighly more liberal verson ofa0 Bush on Foreign policy, he hasn´t been too successful at either task. Futhermore, the politics for the Presidency and the Governorship of New York aren´t comparable, one is a national landscape that gets alot of attention, the other is more focused and localized. In other words Texans don´t really give a shit about the politics of New York. They do give a damn about whose in the White House.Now when it comesa0to legislativea0accomplishments I would argue that Obama and the Democratic Congress have accomplished a great deal in Obama´s first term (similar to Cuomo).a0 Health care Reform, auto bailout, stimulus, start treaty, don´t ask don´t tell repeal, increased funds for pell grant, took over student loans, race to the top, Dodd-Frank, increased troops in Afghanistan, Bin laden is dead, bombed Libya I mean still bombing Libya, Reauthorized Patriot Act.a0A whole lot got done, its just with exception of the bin laden killing not all of it was popular or seen as a success. [url=]zjpzzqzgcx[/url] [link=]dyzuctihlmb[/link]
  • Before this course I had never lkoeod up the documents Wikileaks posted and while reading the contents it allows for an individual to start questioning the ideals of the state. I agree that Wikileaks has a lot of potential and that it is a good example of the Public Sphere providing more accessible information, which would normally be classified by the state. Naturally the state is not thrilled that such documents made its way into the public sphere but its good for the people to know what his or her country is doing. The information on the web allows for people to exchange ideas and access more freely the information needed without having to struggle in obtaining it. Not everything on the web is reliable, yet the more legitimate the source the more accurate the information is but an individual has to be aware of the source’s biasness, such as, in newspaper or scholarly articles. I agree with your view that the public sphere has been decentralized because with so much information being available than in the past it is hard to regulate everything.
  • I love it Big Brother Obama is raising money from the FAT CAT Democ RATS who´s taxes he bats to raise, and the reaosn they have all this money is that the Republicans don´t want to raise there taxes.I say TAX THEM AND TAX THEM AGAINBefore there was the Oracle at Delphi there was Count Vampire J. MachiavelliVJ MachiavelliThe Legislative Budget is Too Damn High [url=]aexfni[/url] [link=]cqhgxafcm[/link]

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